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In 2024, The Ohio Academy of Science is again providing the project software platform called ProjectBoard with updates and improvements to correct issues experienced last year. Students can use ProjectBoard as a place to develop and complete their project from beginning to end, with multiple instructional and resource documents, places to store background research, required ISEF forms, the Research Plan, data collected, Final Report, Abstract, photos, videos and has the ability for students to create their presentation poster. Also includes opportunities for assistance from mentors and peers. ProjectBoard accounts are accessible by students wherever internet is available using any device the student wishes to use. Students can work at school, from home or the library, a research lab, or even out in the field with the right device. Again in 2024 there is NO COST to the student or school for the use of ProjectBoard. Any students in grades 5 - 12 from Champaign, Darke, Miami and Shelby Counties who are in public school, private school or home school may participate.

While ProjectBoard will provide many resources for students, this Upper Miami Valley Science Days (UMVSD) website will continue to include instructions and documents for student use, if needed. The UMVSD Committee will also continue to provide assistance throughout the Science Day season whenever needed.

To participate in the Upper Miami Valley Science Days program and to present a project at a UMV County Science Day, go to your respective County Science Day page in the menu to learn how to participate. To be eligible to present a project at the UMV District 1 Science Day, students must Create an Account here, prior to December 15th. This only includes creation of a student account in ProjectBoard and following the “Start a Project” instructions(Just need to select an icon or pic, add aworking title and select topic category - the rest can be done later). Any student who created an account on ProjectBoard last year should log into that account, update the student profile information and “Start a Project” there.
For Step by Step Science Day Project Instructions, click here
For Information on County Science Days, select your county from the menu above.

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The completion of individual, self-directed student research which follows scientific practices, which is peer reviewed, and for which appropriate recognition is afforded to the student, is the definitive way to create, encourage, and educate future researchers in the STEM fields. This is exactly what the Science Fair Program is designed to do. Science Fair projects also conform to the inquiry-based science curriculum required in the newest Ohio education standards.

Students participating in the program can benefit as follows:

Increased student interest and understanding of science – Science fair allows students to do more than just read about science, they get to actually do science!

Career Exploration – Many reports have shown that the highest paying jobs are science
& engineering jobs. STEM employers are continually seeking individuals with research experience.  Science fair helps our students explore the possibility of working in a science related field while increasing their scientific knowledge and understanding.

Scholarships/Awards for students - Over four million dollars of scholarships and awards are given out each year to Ohio’s State Science Day participants. Additional awards may be earned at local and district science fairs.

Putting academics first/student recognition - Science fair gives long over due recognition to our students for their many academic achievements.

Students will conduct research that usually starts in October and culminates with a poster presentation that is judged by experts in their field.  Students who receive a Superior rating qualify to present at the District Science Day in March.  Those who receive a Superior rating at Districts qualify to present at the State Science Day in May.
State Science Day Awards List

Beginning with the 2013-2014 school year, Upper Miami Valley area educational institutions and their science staff members, businesses & industries, STEM professionals, community organizations, parents, and interested individuals coordinated efforts to provide students, grades 6-12 in public school, private school, and home school, and residing in Champaign, Darke, Miami and Shelby Counties, the opportunity to participate in, and benefit from, a comprehensive Science Fair Program.  We highly encourage students and parents to take full advantage of this educational stepping stone to a better career in a STEM field.

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